about the garden mermaid

how to start a garden

Hi friends! I’m Morgan. Ya know… the garden mermaid.

Not to get astrological too quickly, but I’m a Capricorn sun and Cancer rising. That combo of earth and water has always felt natural to me, and the sound of “the garden mermaid” just hit me in the soul.

Besides pulling weeds and sowing seeds, I spend my time chasing the other things I’ve grown… my three kids. A girl and twin boys. We homeschool and spend as much time outside as possible learning to garden and grow food together. My daughter even has her very own garden.

I started this blog to help other beginner gardeners get started. Figuring out all the details and wondering how do I start a garden can be so overwhelming at first. So, I decided to write about what I’ve learned.

If you want to get to know me even more, you can check out my other blog, Mom Uprising, where I share all my best tips on how to totally rock motherhood and parenting.